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Why Golden Fights Gym


Our classes are for everyone. From those who want to get in shape and learn to defend themselves, to those looking for the ultimate workout. For optimum fitness you most have low body fat, cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility. Our program will help you attain all four.


Each training session can last up to an hour and we cover every fitness component from endurance, strengthening, agility, speed, balance, and flexibility. Each session is tailored for your personalized, instructor led, fitness program. Our top professional fitness trainers will focus on you,


Everyone Has Different Needs

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu classes will not only teach you grappling skills, but also a great conditioning workout for both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


Our boxing program is great for beginners to learn the fundamentals and excellent for intermediate, advance students, just for the workout or as a warmup sparing

Pranayama Yoga

You will learn how to use your breath like a wonderful tool to control all systems in your body, take care of your mind and how to take the awareness to the Soul level and realize your true nature.  

Kids Program

Ages 5 to 15. We instill a strong sense of commitment and self confidence and help teach your child how to overcome challenges and obstacles. Their increased self-control and focus will help their behavior and school work.

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

Pricing Plans

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Intermediate Training

Advanced Cardio


 TGR Wrestling

Personal Training


Beginners& Youth

Men and Women’s Cardio Fitness

Self Defense  

Kids Kickboxing


Professional fight training

MMA Combat Skills

Muay-Thai/Fighting Skills


K1- Kickboxing




Why Choose us as your gym


Train with Professional Coaches with who have fought at the highest level of the sport.


The Most Active Fight Team on the Western Slope


Best Quality Training at the Best Pricing


The #1 Rated Youth Programs


Fighters and Coaches Featured on National TV

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