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Golden Fights Gym is the premier MMA gym in Grand Junction. We have Classes for the Professional , Armatures, Beginners and Youth

Choosing the right MMA gym is very important, whether you want to step into the cage as an amateur, fight in the UFC, learn to defend yourself, or just get a fun and intense workout. The problem is, absolutely anyone can start an MMA gym and claim to be a “master.” While these MMA “masters” might be able to give you a good workout, they’re really just working out your wallet. Even if they have some training, it can be very dangerous to step into the cage without having properly prepared with an experienced MMA teacher.

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Golden Fights LLC, also known as GFCW is an American Martial Arts promotion based in Grand Junction, Colorado. Its live events and competitions have been shown on KREX’s networks in the United States. Golden Fights, Cage Wars MMA was formed in June 2014 was formally known as Bush Cree Promotions. Cage wars MMA produces first promotion July 19, 2014 located at Two Rivers Convention Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. The card featured 10 fights with fighters from Brazil, Mexico, Los Angeles and Colorado. The promotion moved to Brownson Arena located on the campus of Colorado Mesa University for its second show on the October 4th of the same year with a 12 bout card. Cage Wars 20th installment the third under Golden Fights was the promotions first sellout.  The promotion has been able to enter sponsorship contracts with Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram, and Grand Junction Harley-Davidson, Coors Light, Modern Classic Motors, Snobs Production and several major media affiliations.  

President and co-owner Andrew Yates host a weekly radio MMA update show on The Team 1340 am keeping fans informed of the promotions progress.  Golden Fights will expand its fight cards from four its first year to eight during its second year of existence and 12 during its third year.Rules: GFCW uses the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts implemented by the Colorado State Athletic Commission under the direction of Joseph Mason.

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TIP:  Day 1, Don’t sign up. Don’t Sign a Contract Listen to your gut. We will offer you a Free class to try it out before you sign. This gives you a chance to talk to students and trainers. 

One of the best ways to evaluate a mixed martial arts gym is by looking at their students. Ask to observe a class and look at how their students do, especially the beginners. A great competitor is not always a great a teacher. While watching the class, take note of how actively involved the instructor is–do they correct students and give individual attention? Or do they stand up against the wall and just watch. 

A good MMA gym will cost you more than a traditional gym membership. The exact cost will depend on what area you live in and how many other gyms are in the area. Schools usually offer various packages, Gyms in smaller markets (populations under 150,000) should range from $50 to $ 75 a month. Schools in larger markets (Las Vegas, Denver etc…) $100 to $150.00. Visit a couple gyms and get an idea of what prices are like in our area.


Personal Trainer & Profesional MMA Fighter 


Executive Chairman –  Steven Yates

President/Match Maker – Andrew Yates

Administrative Vice President – Carla Yates

Executive Officers – Justin Yates, Ashleah Yates

Executive Assistant – Emily Wilson

Medical Director – Grant Roper

Media Productions – Josh Meuwly

IT and Web Manager – Josh Meuwly

Ring Announcer and VIP Tables – Brook Blaney

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