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Dear Fight Fans 


  Welcome to Cage Wars, 21, one of the most exciting nights of the year!  Whether this is your first fight or your 21st were glad you’re joining us tonight for Golden Fights Cage Wars it is our privilege to host one of the most popular events in Grand Junction. 

Were very excited to welcome back, all of our loyal event sponsors. Grand Junction Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram as our title sponsor has made it possible to bring you fighters from around the world to square off with your local fan favorites in the Ram Truck Cage tonight.  Grand Junction Harley-Davidson has ensured that ticket prices have remained affordable for all fans. High Country Beverage and Coors Light are the official beer of Cage Wars and continue to support the fans and fighters of Golden Fights. 

The action inside the cage has never been better, but now, thanks to the great efforts of Snobs Production. The excitement outside of the cage is an electric mix of lights and sounds that rival the biggest MMA shows. The Rocky Mountain Gun Clubs fighter walkout is not only exhilarating for the fighter, but a show we hope you will enjoy as a fighters prepare to enter the hexagon.  The hexagon now adorns the logos of our major sponsors as provided by Buds Signs, which adds to the overall fan and fighter experience of Cage Wars. We must also thank the city of Grand Junction and Two Rivers Convention Center for their outstanding hospitality and hosting tonight’s event. 

I hope most of you got a chance to attend last night’s Weight Ins presented by Modern Classic Motors at Buffalo Wild Wings, this was a great opportunity for the fans to see and meet the fighters up close and personal.  Thank you to Source Publishing in producing this program for fight fans, I hope you find it informative and entertaining.  

The growth of Cage Wars is directly contributed to its great fans, but could not been have achieved without our media sponsors. KREX News Channel 5 has enabled us to only increase our television advertising but to produce high definition DVDs of fights that are available online for fighters and fans. Cage Wars 19 and 20 will be aired on television are all made possible by KREX. Lastly, I must thank the fighters and the Coaches of Montrose, Grand Junction and their opponents who have traveled from all over the United States who have put in the hard work and countless hours of training to lay it all on the line here for you tonight.  We wish you all the best for an enjoyable safe and memorable weekend here in Grand Junction. 



    Steve Yates                                                                                         Andrew Yates


   Executive Chairman Golden Fights LLC                                              President Golden Fights LLC