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For Immediate Release
Today July 27, 2015

Golden Fights and Cage Wars has issued a Cease and Desist to an entity on the grounds of Trade Name Infringement. 

Golden Fights is the Proud owner of Cage Wars an elite MMA Event with a fantastic reputation earned over the last 10 years.

Golden Fights and Cage Wars has a name and a brand that is synonymous with the top level in MMA entertainment value and a fan following that has been earned with 10 years of dedication to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts that its athletes, sponsors and fans deserve.

Cage Wars is a proud tradition in Colorado and Golden Fights does not want any of Cage Wars' loyal sponsors and fans to be confused by an attempt from another entity trying to capitalize on the premier MMA event name and brand that is Cage Wars.

Do not be confused, Colorado only has one Cage Wars and that is the Cage Wars presented by Golden Fights.



Steve Yates
President Golden Fights and Cage Wars